Hello and Welcome to FutonFanatic.com.  We are an online reviewer and distributor of the most popular futons, frames, and mattresses on the market.  Our first and foremost goal is to provide you with our expert opinions on the best and cheapest futons available on the market.  Here’s a little about what we do here:

  • Reviews: Our professional staff reviews and evaluates each and every futon on the market.  The team consists of two Sleep Study Specialists, an orthopedist and and ergonomic design specialist. Together we have over 20 years experience in the field of sleep and ergonomics.
  • Research: As new designs come forward, we research their plausibility as an ergonomic solution and share our findings with you.
  • Recommendations: We provide a list of the best futonsavailable and the links of where to find them at the most affordable prices around.

We are an official affiliate of Amazon.com.  We decided to partner with Amazon because of their excellent return policy, free shipping on most items, and first rate customer service. In addition, 99% of the time, Amazon will have the lowest price.

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