The Best Space Saving Futon Chairs

At a time when concepts like micro-apartments and ‘the small home movement’ are fast gaining in popularity around the world, it pays to have utilitarian furniture pieces that can save on valuable square footage without compromising on the aesthetics.

Even if you do not live in a tiny sized apartment, having flexibility with your furniture pieces makes life so much easier. For example, a living room sofa that can double up as a bed for the uninvited guests who have an uncanny knack to pop up every weekend. Or a comfy accent chair that can just be pushed into any corner of the house and blends right in. Use it to create a corner reading nook, or a place to kick back and enjoy a drink or two. That’s where futon chairs outscore most other types of furniture pieces.

They are protean furniture pieces that deserve a place in every home and office in the world. Without sounding like I invented them or am biased towards them (I probably am), let me share a few reasons why I rate them so highly.

futon chairChelsea Convertible Chair4.5/5$$
e-joy-folding-sofa-chaire-joy Folding Sofa Chair4/5$$
best-choice-fold-down-chairBest Choice Futon4.5/5$
flip-chairFlip Chair4/5$$

Why you must have futon chairs in every home or office

Because they are so versatile! Isn’t that obvious? They come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, designs, colors and patterns that you’d be hard pressed to not find one that fits your home. Put them in the family room, the living room, the guest room, the children’s room, as a makeshift bed in your study, the gaming room, the movie theater…aargh! I’ll just run out of places to put the futon in, but never run out of ideas on how to squeeze one into a home.

Your children can study, you can cuddle up on one with a book, you can prop a pillow up and watch TV, and when you need the extra space for a bed, they just fold down in a jiffy allowing you to stretch your legs and catch a nap.

The very word ‘Futon’ makes a lot of people picture the oversized sofa beds that became so popular in the late 80s and 90s. Futon chairs are completely different from those. These are compact, lightweight, portable, typically seats 2 people and now, incorporates some schmancy tech that make them a very desirable purchase.

If you are reading this then chances are that you are either looking to add one of these dainty little chairs to your home or you are just curious about which the best futon chairs are in the market currently. Either ways, we have you covered.

Because we have dug through the muck to come up with the best futon chairs on the basis of their features, their popularity and their customer ratings. This wasn’t the easiest task that we’d ever undertaken due to the sheer number of futon chairs available. To ensure that we keep it balanced, we have included a wide range of styles in our list. We hope you enjoy reading through this and that you can find a futon chair for your home.

#1 – DHP Chelsea Convertible Chair

futon chairLeading our selection of the best Futon chairs is this extremely stylish looking DHP Chelsea convertible chair that can be a great addition to your living room or office. Featuring a plush pillow-top cushion that allows comfortable seating for hours without straining your back or your legs, this DHP Chelsea convertible chair can very easily replace your outdated living room couch.

The Review

At first glance, you can’t help but feel that this is a much higher priced product. Everything from the tufted design to the plush cushion and the matte black nylon fabric, looks classy and elegant. The design is contemporary with clean lines and edges. This makes it possible to add this to any décor theme.

But despite the seemingly heavy-duty appearance, this DHP Chelsea futon chair is surprisingly light. Pushing it around the house is a one man job and the reasonably compact footprint ensures that you will never run out of spaces to arrange it.

As a perfect complement to the all-black upholstery, the DHP Chelsea futon chair has sleek chrome legs.

What makes it such a great addition to your home is that it features an adjustable back. So, when you are bored of sitting upright, you can readjust the back like a lounge or chaise and relax. And when you need to stretch those tired muscles, just prod it back. It transforms into a comfortable bed for two.

The best features

  • Classy and stylish appearance
  • All-black matte nylon fabric with a tufted design
  • Pillow top cushion surface
  • Adjustable back to three positions
  • Reclines into a bed
  • Lightweight but durable frame
  • Easy installation
  • Great value

Do we recommend this?

Absolutely! This doesn’t even deserve a second thought. Hands down, the best futon chair in the market for anyone looking for a contemporary styled chair without armrests.

#2 – e-joy Relaxing Sofa Bean Bag Folding Sofa Chair, Futon Chair & Lounge, White

e-joy-folding-sofa-chairSome people just enjoy sitting on the ground too much to give away their old Japanese futons. If you are one of the original ‘Japanophiles’ who’s been clinging on to that old tattered mattress, then our next addition to the list of best futon chairs will have you swooning.

The e-joy Relaxing Sofa Bean bag is the closest you will come to a comfortable, cushioned futon mattress with features like an adjustable back and superb styling to boot.

The Review

Don’t be thrown off by the name. This is not a bean bag by a long shot. On the contrary, the e-Joy folding futon chair is closer to a lounge chaise in design. Only this one, will fit right into your living room. This beautifully designed folding futon chair features a plush padded cushion that will allow you to relax and melt your stress away after a tiring day at work. It is designed ergonomically to align perfectly with the natural curves of the body.

The compact sizing allows it to be easily accommodated in just about any part of your home. To top it off, it is so versatile. You can adjust the backrest to four positions and it just clicks in with a very audible and responsive click.

You have 7 different attractive color choices for the micro-suede fabric, which is machine-washable by the way. The frame is sturdy but lightweight as you’d expect from modern furniture pieces. This allows you to move it easily around the house.

The Best features

  • Lounge chaise styled folding futon chair
  • Plush padded cushion
  • Backrest adjustable to four positions
  • Removable and washable zippered micro-suede fabric cover
  • Durable but lightweight frame

Do we recommend this?

Floor sitter or not, the E-Joy relaxing folding futon chair is such a wonderful addition to your home or office. It is comfortable, stylish and will be just what you need for a relaxing sitting experience. To top it off, it has a 95% positive customer rating too. The only negative ratings are due to an incorrect color being shipped out. Wonderful futon chair this. Great pricing too.

#3 – Best Choice Products® Fold Down Chair Flip Out Lounger

best-choice-fold-down-chairThere’s many ways to define the Best Choice Products® fold down chair. It can be defined as a mat that folds up as a chair or a chair that can be converted into a chaise and one that converts into a flat bed. This multipurpose chair is a great addition to homes, dorms, RVs or any other place that requires the convenience of a folding bed but is desperately short of space.

The Review

Featuring a thick padded cushion with a spring frame that can be adjusted in five different positions, this fold down chair from Best Choice can become a conventional sofa-chair with a 90 degree backrest, become a lounger that allows you to rest with a pillow while watching TV or just spread flat to a comfortable sized bed that lets you grab a quick snooze.

The Suede fabric is comfortable to the touch and you won’t need a cushion cover. Although the mattress is not mushy-soft, it is pretty plush. In the rare event that you find it too hard to sleep on, you can always grab a mattress topper.

One of the best features is that the foam does not sink in even after months of use. There are customer reviews on Amazon from people who have used this for months and have not had a single problem with it.

When spread out flat as a bed, this fold down chair from Best choice products is 81″ in Length x 28.5″ in Width x4″ in Height, which more than suffices for two average sized adults. If you are a tad on the heavier side, then it may only suffice for you.

Although the weight is labelled as 17 pounds, it can easily be carried with you on your camping tours and other trips.

The Best features

  • Stylish and versatile folding sofa
  • 5 adjustable bed positions
  • Folds to a 90 degree upright back position
  • Folds down as a chaise or lounger
  • Does not require any assembly
  • Good quality foam padded
  • Black suede fabric that is low on maintenance

Do we recommend it?

Priced at under $100, this is such a value-for-money proposition. It can be used in so many different ways around the home too. It cannot get better than this really.

#4 – Flip Chair Convertible Sleeper Dorm Bed Couch Lounger Sofa, Gray

flip-chairLast but not the least, we have this Flip Chair convertible sleeper couch in muted gray that will seamlessly blend into your living room. The flipside is that it can add an extra sleeping spot to your home. If you have a bachelor’s pad or entertain a lot at home, then an extra sleeping position can avoid the need for sleeping on a hard floor.

The Review

Out of the box, this looks like a plush, padded mattress. A couple of folds and it magically folds up into a comfortable cushion chair that you can use to watch TV or when you are binge-gaming on the Xbox. Spend hours on it and you won’t even feel it.

It comes ready to use out of the box. So, no assembly or tools needed.

The cushion is made of a thick foam that is durable but comfortable nevertheless. It is covered by a suede fabric which is washable. The caveat is that the chair does not have armrests or a cup holder. So, an accidental spill may easily stain the fabric.

When spread out flat, the bed size is 79.53 in Length x 29.5 in Width x 5.1 in height. This makes it a perfect choice for a kiddie bed or a teenager bed for stayovers and camping. Two adults would probably not fit comfortably on it.

At 23 pounds, it is not the lightest futon chair that we have seen. Most of them are under $20 pounds. But adding a couple of pounds to the weight takes nothing away from the portability. It is extremely easy to move around the house.

Some people may find that it sometimes gets stuck in the couch position. To release the lock mechanism, all that you need to do is stand behind the chair and push the backrest forward. You should hear a very audible click sound as it unlocks. Now just spread it flat.

The Best features

  • Stylish folding chair in muted gray
  • Plush padded foam cushion
  • Backrest can be pushed into many positions
  • Folds out flat like a bed that can be used as an extra sleeping place in the house
  • When set upright, it works great for watching TV or playing games
  • Perfect for homes, boat houses, RVs, dorms etc

Do we recommend this?

This folding chair is comfortable to sit and sleep on, when used as a bed. It is lightweight, portable and durable too. If that covers all the bases that you are looking for from a folding chair, then go for it. 90% positive rating on Amazon.