A Guide to the Best Leather Futons

The futon first arrived in the western world in the 70s and 80s. And considering the fascination with everything oriental in those decades (from sushi to Kimonos), the futon became an instant rage.

Oh you had to have a futon at home. It was minimalist, it saved space, it apparently was good for the back and most importantly, it was Japanese!

But then, America being America, modified the humble futon (mattresses made of cotton) to adapt to the American lifestyle. The original futon which was a lightweight and compact mattress that was placed on the floor and just rolled up and tucked away in the closet when not in use, got converted into a sofa that could double up as a bed. Shazam! The mattresses underwent a sea of change too.

It worked. People loved a utilitarian extra bed at home that could be folded upright and used as a seating when it’s not being used. But its usage was still largely limited to the occasional guest who’d pop up uninvited.

From that to the beautifully designed futons of today, the change is dramatic. The futons of today are a mélange of form and function and are available in a variety of styles, materials and can blend into just about any space, be it an office or a living room. And one of the most preferred varieties is the leather futon.

Emily futonEmily Convertible Futon4/5$
coaster futonCoaster 3002814.5/5$$
Adeco leather futonAdeco Leather Futon4.5/5$$
Eldorado leather futonEldorado Futon5/5$$$

The Perks of Owning the Best Leather Futons

Leather has always been one of the best and most preferred upholstery materials around the world. It is easy to clean, is non-allergic, is child and pet friendly, does not stain much and an occasional scratch or scruff will only give it a warm and inviting patina.

Contrary to public notion, it is pretty low on maintenance and mostly demands only the occasional wipe down to remove dirt. If you have heard horror stories about leather taking frequent upkeep, it’s probably from a fanatic who fusses over the tiniest detail.

Club leather with a futon and it’s a homerun. Suddenly you have this classy and elegant sofa that can add some flair to an otherwise bland living room. And even if you have the most meticulously done décor, a leather futon can blend right in. It is the most versatile piece of furniture that you can invest in.

With the technological advancements, leather futons are now available in a variety of colors and sizes too.

But if it is the first time that you are venturing into Futon territory, then get ready to be bombarded with a thousand different varieties that look exactly like one another. How do you make the right choice then?

Things to Consider

Here’s our small guide to help you make an informed choice.

The Primary use: What is the primary use of the futon? Is it an additional bed for guests? Or do you plan to use it for lounging? If you are looking for a spacious bed, then look for a leather futon that is at least 54 inches wide. On the other hand, if you plan to use it mainly as a sofa, then look for a futon with a wider seat, padded arm rests and optimum back support.

The Size: While having a sofa that can quickly be transformed into a queen sized bed seems like a very versatile addition, it’s not always practical, especially in smaller sized rooms. Ascertain the amount of space that you can spare for the futon without the room looking stuffed. You can choose from standard size, twin size and queen sized futons.

The Style: Most people prefer contemporary designs because they are so versatile. They can be added to any type of room and décor theme. However, if you prefer something more ornate, look for traditional or classic designs.

The Frame: Hardwood is no longer the only futon frame material that is durable. There are many other materials used to make futon frames that are equally durable and long lasting. It’s a matter of personal preferences. If you like hardwood only, then you can narrow down accordingly. Else, there are many good options like pine wood, aluminum and stainless steel to choose from.

The weight: The frame of the futon will also decide how heavy it is. If you are one of the indecisive ones who likes to rearrange furniture every week or so, then look for something light that can easily be pushed around the room.

Assembly: Some furniture pieces come pre-assembled and ready to use, while others require a fair amount of assembly. Your choice of a futon should also be based on how comfortable you are with the assembly. If you like something that is ready to use out of the box, look for futons that only require the legs to be screwed in and the mattress attached using Velcro.

Today, we take a look at some of the best leather futons in the market. These have been handpicked on the basis of their size, their comfort, the style, the durability and the average customer feedback.

#1 – Emily Convertible Futon

best leather futon

At a time when micro apartments and small houses are in vogue and space is treated as a luxury, it makes sense to have a utilitarian piece of furniture that is equally classy and elegant. That’s the Emily Convertible Futon for you. With a mid-century modern design that draws inspiration from the den-sofa of the 60’s, it has straight lines with curved edges, and chrome legs that are a modernists delight.

It goes from sofa to bed in under a minute and creates a comfortable sleeping space right in your living room.

The Size: When fully extended to be used as a bed, the Emily Convertible Futon is about 70 inches in length, which is sufficient for a person of average height. It’s about 60 inches with the chair back up. The height of the backrest is roughly 32 inches which gives you excellent back support when the back is upright. The seat width is 30 inches which is sufficient enough to let you sit comfortably without slouching.

When fully extended, it is similar to a twin sized bed, but slightly smaller than a full sized one, which is typically 54 inches wide.

The Comfort: Even though most people primarily use it as a sofa rather than fully extended, comfort is a crucial factor to consider while selecting a futon. Thankfully, the Emily Convertible Futon is extremely comfortable to sit and sleep on. The mattress is firm, but not hard. This prevents the dreaded ‘sink down’ from happening and it holds up perfectly, even if you use it every single day to sleep on.

It is available in two different types of upholstery. One is faux leather and the other is a soft linen fabric. Both are equally comfortable to the touch and does not let sweat or dead skin stick to the surface.

When fully extended, it is as comfortable as a bed. If you find it too hard, you can always add a mattress topper to make it feel like a conventional bed. Customers who have slept on it for days have never had the slightest discomfort or pain.

Aesthetics: The Emily Convertible Futon is an extremely stylish looking sofa that can easily pass off as a much higher priced custom made furniture. The tufted button backrest and the rounded edges, give it a clean and elegant profile that will fit into any décor. Depending on the color you choose, it can be used to create a contrast or just an extension of your existing muted color theme.

Durability: Unlike flimsy sofa-beds which have a pressed wood frame but are labelled as ‘all-wood’ instead, the Emily Convertible futon has a durable metal frame that keeps it sturdy and grounded. The chrome plated legs with rubber grips on the bottom ensures that it stays put where you keep it.

Customer Rating: With more than 90% positive customer reviews all over the internet, the Emily Convertible Futon is an extremely popular choice among homeowners. It has a plethora of features that make it perfect for smaller as well as large sized rooms and it is priced just perfectly.

#2 – Coaster 300281

leather-futon-2If you are looking for a leather futon that is roomier than the Emily Convertible Futon, then check out the Coaster 3000281 leather futon bed. This is a stunningly designed kick-back futon bed that features plush cushions, adjustable arm rests and gets converted into a full length bed when it is flat.

Size: A lot of the futons available for sale, do not have the width of a full size bed, which makes it impossible for two people to sleep on it. The Coaster 300281 however is 73 inches in length and 53 inches wide, which is the perfect size for a full sized bed. So, even if you have two guests, (unless they tower over six and a half feet), they can easily sleep on this futon bed.

Comfort: The Coaster 300281 is the perfect futon for people who prefer something that is softer, unlike the typical foam mattress. The pillow top cushions are oversized and incredibly soft. At the same time, it does not sink-in even if you are sitting on it for hours and enjoying your Wii. This lets you get up without putting in the extra effort.

While sitting upright, the padded armrests, which also double up as pillow when the futon is flat, provide excellent arm support. The backrest is comfortable and you will not strain your back even if you read an entire book sitting upright on this.

The leather is soft to the touch, easy to clean and available in four different colors to suit almost any home décor theme.

Aesthetics: The soft microfiber in matte clubbed with the lush cushions, the tufted detail, the double white-row contrast stitching and the chrome legs, give it a classy but contemporary look that will be perfect for any room. Add it to the living room or use it on your office as a ‘nap nook’, it serves the purpose perfectly without looking out of place.

Durability: If you like good old American hardwood frames, then the Coaster 300281 is right up your alley. It is extremely durable and has a solid feel to it, unlike the flimsy lightweight furniture that is often sold online.

Customer Rating: The Coaster 300281 is one of the most popular leather futons available online. It has a 95% positive customer rating which is exceptional for online furniture pieces. At under $325, it is a pocket-friendly choice too. Go for it.

#3 – Adeco PU-Leather Sofa Bed

Adeco leather futonThe Adeco PU-Leather Sofa Bed is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can easily replace a conventional couch. It turns your living room into an inviting and functional place that maximizes space. If you entertain a lot and have guests coming over for the weekend, having a futon with great aesthetics is such an added benefit.

This leather futon is perfect for people who barf at the looks of an average futon. It is incredibly well styled and can add flair to any room, be it a family house or a man cave.

Size: Being a futon, there are two different sizes to consider. One, the depth of the seat when the back is upright and the second is the width of the bed when the back is kicked back. The seat depth is 21.25 inches which is just about perfect for you to sit upright without slouching. When kicked back, it is 71 inches in length and about 50 inches wide which is nearly the size of a full sized bed. Two full grown adults of average height can easily sleep on it without feeling cramped.

Comfort: The cushions in the Adeco PU-Leather bed is made of a blend of different materials including foam. It is soft to the touch, but is firm to sit on. It will wear down a bit with time which will only make it more comfortable to use. The backrest when kept upright, provides the perfect support to the back without straining it.

Aesthetics: The near pure-black upholstery is perfect for people who prefer a stylish, but low maintenance couch in their living room. It does not show dirt and a simple cloth wipe will keep it looking as good as new. The tufted pattern creates visual interest while the clean lines and the rounded edges make it simple, but effective. The design is minimalistic, but very versatile and can be used in a wide range of décor themes.

Durability: The Adeco PU leather sofa bed feels incredibly durable for a futon. It is extremely sturdy and does not have the ‘cheap feel’ that one associates with bargain furniture. The internal frame is made of a mix of pinewood and other materials which makes it light weight. But don’t let the weight fool you. This is one strong futon that is designed to last for years.

Customer Reviews: We have included only leather futons that have at least 80% positive reviews from customers and the Adeco PU bed has a whopping 94% positive reviews. Priced just under $250, this is a pocket-friendly addition to this list of best leather futons and is complete value for money.

#4 – Eldorado Bonded Leather Futon

Eldorado leather futonSometimes, all you need is a classic styled sofa that can kickback into a bed if needed. This Eldorado Bonded Leather Futon is just that. It features a durable hardwood frame with a plush cushion and mission arms that make for a comfortable all-day seater. The polished Barbados finish clubbed with the bonded leather saddle and clean geometric lines make this right at the cusp of modern and art deco.

Size: At 79 inches length and 54.5 inches wide when flat, this is one of the largest leather futons that we have seen. It is extremely roomy and the plush 8″ Coil Futon Mattress ensures that there is no split near the hinges, which can be extremely uncomfortable while sleeping overnight. This is a bed for two people. When kept upright, the backrest is 33 inches high which is perfect for back support, without interrupting with the neck placement.

Comfort: The 8 inch coil futon mattress is thick and comfy and you will never feel like you are sleeping on a futon, which is welcome change from the paper-thin mattresses that are used in many futons to cut costs. The microfiber fabric is breathable and soft to the touch. And if that’s not enough, you can always use a mattress topper with it. If you intend to use it primarily as a sofa, then the mattress is firm and not all mushy. But you can sit for hours without your legs feeling sore.

Aesthetics: If you like traditional furniture minus the ornate bells and whistles, then you will absolutely love this leather futon. It has a warm and homey feel to it and it can be used in many different ways to accentuate the look of your décor. Pair it with a chaise lounge chair or let it flank the coffee table for an interesting center piece. Either way, it blends seamlessly into any room and infuses some flair into it.

Durability: When it comes to durability, there is nothing like good old hardwood. The Eldorado Futon has a durable hardwood frame that gives it the much desired stability that cheaper furniture pieces lack. It feels like a solid custom made bed when flat.

Assembly: This needs to be assembled and comes with all necessary hardware and detailed instructions. But it will take at least 3 to 4 hours to set this up. The mattress comes vacuum packed in a box but puffs up once removed from it.

Customer Reviews: The Eldorado Futon is one of the very few furniture pieces with 100% positive customer feedback. Customers are awed by the quality and the comfort that this offers. If you always felt that the typical futons available in the market lacked the aesthetics needed for a living room, then this is just what you need.

That’s our pick of the best leather futons in the market currently. We hope you enjoyed browsing through our reviews and recommendations. If you have any feedback or suggestions that you would like to add to it, do let us know. Adios!