Best Metal Futons to Look For in 2017

When buying a metal futon, there are a few key things you should keep a look out for. The key things people often consider are: comfort, interchangeability, price, and versatility. Searching for the a futon can be time-consuming and not easy. That is why we have researched some of the best metal futons to help you make a fast and easy decision on which futon to purchase.

metal futonMainstays Metal Arm Futon with Mattress4/5$
coaster metal futonCoaster Modern Futon4/5$
saturn adjustable futonSaturn Adjustable Futon4.5/5$
best futon loungerBest Futon Lounger5/5$$

1) Mainstays Metal Arm Futon with Mattress

metal futonThe Mainstays Metal Arm Futon is a perfect choice for apartments, dorms, guest rooms, and living room. With a contemporary design, and a loud color, the futon metal has a simple adjustment that can transform from sofa to bed. Usability, affordability, comfort, and durability are three core features considered when buying a futon. The Mainstays metal arm futon weighs just 50 pounds, making it very easy to move around on your own.

This futon gives you comfort with its convenient frame, that makes it easy for you get on and of the futon. With the simple adjustment feature, you can turn the futon into a bed hence perfect for those living in small space where you the futon can be used as a sofa and bed.

What is more, the mainstays metal arm futon with mattress is affordable. However, assembling the metal futon model is very complicated since it comes in two separate boxes, which are quite heavy and therefore you may require help to move them to your home. The assembly of the metal futon requires time of more than two hours.

In a snapshot, some of the pros and con of this metal futon are;

  • Include mattress
  • Can be turned into both sofa and bed
  • Affordable
  • Convenient low sitting frame
  • Unique contemporary style
  • Perfect for guest house, apartments, living rooms, and dorms
  • Complicated assembly

2) Coaster Modern Futon

coaster metal futonThis best metal futon is perfect for dorm and general family room. It is a plush sofa that can be turned into bed to evoke a cozy country feel. The fabrics are woodsy camo print that gives it comfort. Besides, the metal futon has a rich biscuit tufted cushions that create a comfortable hangout during the day that can easily turn into bed. With this best metal futon, you change your small office into an office, lounge or an overnight guest room.

  • Easy to move around the chamber
  • Good for hangout
  • Versatile since you can change it into an office, lounge, and overnight room
  • Affordable
  • Gives you comfort with its biscuit tufted cushions

3) Saturn Adjustable Futon

saturn adjustable futonSaturn is one of rhe best metal futons that is lovely and convenient metal futon that is versatile and built strong to last long. The futon can as well is convertible into a chair and bed that makes Saturn futon perfect for small rooms, living rooms, dorms, and guest rooms. The model is lightweight and easy to transport. With a great metal frame, the Saturn metal futon is uniquely fashioned with high arched arms and a sturdy back. It brings you both comfort and style in your room. Also, Saturn futon is ease to maintain since its design is easily assembled to uniquely bring out the beauty with a height of about 32 1/2’” and a width of 77 1/4.’”

  • Sizable dimension for small rooms
  •  Affordable
  • A versatile futon used as a bed and chair
  • Durable as its frames made of metal
  • Beautifully made to give you comfort
  • Comes in various colors

4) Best Futon Lounger

best futon loungerThe Lounger is a convertible metal futon frame ideal for multi-function in small rooms such as guest rooms, apartments, dorms, and living rooms. This type metal futon made of pebble grain, PU leather, and 6 chrome metal legs is best for you. The futon lounger can serve as both a chair and a bed where its split backrest is easily reclined and converted to a sleeping bed. Besides, it has modern design a tufted upholstered leather and a split backrest for easy adjustment. The modern design complements the all-purpose functionality of the lounger and makes it both stylish and comfortable. The sofa is 20” in length, by 70” in width by 32” in height. It also has flat dimensions of 41” in length by 70” in width by 14.5 in height and a weight of 500.

  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to assembly
  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight thus eases transport
  • Relative small to fit into small space
  • Unique design where style meets with modern convertible feature

In conclusion, going by the features of the best metal futons, you will agree that if you are looking for comfort, versatility, durability, affordability, environmental-cautious products, and beauty, then you get them all with the best metal futons. Perfect for your small space, the best metal futons can serve you as a sofa and sleep bed in your small space. And if you are color sensitive, the best metal futons come in various colors to ensure you are not left out just because you did not get the futon that is in a color of your choice. These futons are ideal for anyone living in studio apartment or dorm room.